The results from our first Warmachine/Hordes tournament, held on 5th December 2010, have been recovered from a rogue bunch of trollkin. Belated congratulations go to Aaron Boyhan who won with four wins out of four.

Overall Standings
1Aaron Boyhan42117
2Henry Clark35107
3Chris Wood33127
4John Snape3396
5Ian Palmer32131
6Kevin Bryant22121
7Aaron White2288
9Pat Thompson20113
10Dave Margetson13100
11Andrew Buckle12105
12Paul Morrison1078
13James Stanlick1076
14Russell Tooke0166
TP - Tournament Points (number of wins)
CP - Control Points (awarded for capturing objectives)
SP - Survivor Points (the value of surviving forces)

Henry Clark won the award for Best Tactician having captured 5 control points over the day.

Ian Palmer won the award for having the Most Survivors and for the Fastest Assassination (scoring two 2nd turn kills in his four games).

Chris Wood won the award for the Best Painted Army.