We held our fifth Warhammer 40,000 tournament on 2nd March 2014.

Congratulations to Steve Rose for his overall victory. Rem Ashford was the Best General, Alan Jaggs was proclaimed Slaughterer, Matt Evans had the Best Army, Nathan Martin was the Best Artisan, James Coppin was judged to be the Best Sportsman and Steven Jessop won retained the much coveted and keenly contested Ladle of Timber as the lowest ranked player who hung around for the presentations!

Team R.A.F. (Chris Collins, Allen Barton and Steve Rose) won the Lords of Destruction award.

The final standings were as follows:

Overall Standings
1Steve Rose46
2Rem Ashford45
3Alex Whitehead44
4Mike Clark43
5Chris Collins41
6Nathan Martin41
7Grant Clark38
8Chris Price38
9Matt Evans38
10Allen Barton37
11Lewis Everett36
12Paul Reekie35
13Nick Wood35
14Chris Walton35
15James Moore35
16Mike McGuire35
17Alan Jaggs35
18Simon Bromley33
19Chris Rose33
20David Keeler32
21Tim Read32
22Jason Harris32
23Aaron Dakers32
24Chris Bacon32
25Adrian Tipple31
26Darren Chapman30
27Richard Connelly30
28Nicholas Proszak30
29Robert Weller29
30Ricky King29
31Matthew Hammond28
32Paul Whitley28
33Andrew Weller28
34James Copping24
35Jake Tann23
36Wayne Mcloud22
37Steve Jessop22
38Joe Elfleet21