We held our second Warhammer 40,000 tournament on 27th February 2011. Congratulations to Chris Price for his overall victory. The final standings were as follows:

Overall Standings
1Chris PriceLast Stand
2Chris Johnson
3Richard GethinAftermath
4Mike ClarkLast Stand
5Alex WhiteheadLast Stand
6Steve BunyanLast Stand
=7Kevin Smith
=7Tim Read
9Edward FordLast Stand
=10Mike McGuire
=10Ricky KingAftermath
12Chris ReynoldsNorth Walsham
=13Si Thorne
=13Steve Jessop
15David Court
=16James CoppinAftermath
=16Jamie LeaderNorth Walsham
=16Ian ChittendenAftermath
=16Steve CurtisAftermath
=16David KeelerNorth Walsham/Aftermath
21Paul Bona
22Adam CrockerLast Stand
=23Ian PalmerAftermath
=24Alan JaggsAftermath

Chris Johnson won Best General and Si Thorne won the Hobbyist award for his Tyrannid army.