Final Standings

Overall Champion Mike Nursey
2nd Place Dan Mashford
3rd Place Mark Wright
Best Painted Army Dan Mashford
Best Sportman Kevin Dobson
Best General Mike Nursey

Painting Competition Results
Best unit Dragon Princes by Dan Mashford
Best diorama Dan Mashford (for his display tray)
Best single figure Khorne Battle Standard by Jon Blyth
Best monster Dragon by Dan Mashford
Best war machine Steam tank by Lee Battrick
Best mounted figure Manticore by Ian Chittenden

Overall Standings
1Mike Nursey88
2Dan Mashford75
3Mark Wright71
4Gary Lyons64
5Ian Chittenden64
6Darren Humphrey61
7Ian Palmer57
8Jon Blyth56
9Mark Borland55
10Russell Tooke53
11Tim Chipping53
12Kevin Dobson52
13James Dobson48
14Leon Chapman46
15Ricky King45
16James Coppin40
17Lee Battrick35
18Tom Clements27
Points include generalship and army painting. Entrants on equal points are separated by aggregated Victory Point difference over the day.