Aftermath 2006

Show report and photographs by Lee Lowe

Ever since Aftermath started we have wanted to hold our own tournament, if there's one thing Norfolk lacks, it's good gaming events.

There is, of course, Storm in the East and events held by Games Workshop Norwich, but unfortunately these come and go leaving you gasping for them to come around again.

With Conflict Norwich no more and leaving a huge void in the early part of the year in Norfolk's gaming calender, Aftermath decided they would try to fill it. We knew we were unable to offer something on the scale of Conflict Norwich but that did not stop us. We knew we were able to offer a good tournament with nice boards and scenery, displays and a painting competition, so we did. We had a great time with the tournament and there will be more, so get painting and keep those army lists updated.

As well as the gaming tournament we held a painting competition with the classes below.

  • Single figure Fantasy (one 28mm or below foot figure)
  • Single figure Sci Fi (one 28mm or below foot figure)
  • Monsters and mounted (Sci Fi and Fantasy , figures over 28mm, giants etc.)
  • Warmachines (Sci Fi or Fantasy, tanks, cannon, bolt throwers etc.)
  • Unit (Sci Fi or fantasy, a unit of infantry or mounted figures)
  • Historical unit (a unit from a historical time period, 28mm or below, infantry or mounted, inc. chariots)
  • Historical warmachines (any scale; Tanks, chariots, planes etc.)
  • Large scale figures (Forgeworld, inquisitor, historical figures)
  • Junior Class single figure 28mm (only for those of 15 and under)
  • Miscellaneous (what is not covered in the classes above)

The painting competition was quite popular with entries in all but two of the classes, those being the historical classes. There was some great work on display resulting in some of the classes being very hard to judge.

Many thanks for your support hope to see you next year!