We held our first Bolt Action tournament on 21st September, 2013, and the final table looked like this:

Overall Standings
1Paul Stone39
2Dave King34
3Tony Samson33
4Pete Wright31
5Alan Jaggs25
6Adam Todd24
7Jonathan Blyth24
=7Douglas Nelson24
9Daron Fowle23
10Ian Chittenden21
11Jason Warner19
12Tree Woollacott18
13James Coppin14
14Wayne McCloud13
  • Overall Winner was Paul Stone
  • Axis Winner was Dave King
  • Allied Winner was Paul Stone
  • The Hobbyist Award winner was Tony Sansom
  • Sportsmanship Award went to James Coppin
  • The Wooden Spoon was Wayne McCloud
  • Inglorious Bastard was Ian Chittenden